NBC Drops The Ball With Super Bowl Postgame Coverage

February 6, 2012 § 150 Comments

Thirteen minutes.

That’s how much postgame Super Bowl coverage NBC granted us (if you don’t count the final three minutes of a commercial break and Bob Costas saying goodbye) before they hurried off the air to get to their singing reality show for the throngs of viewers clamoring all game to get to it.

For those of us who wanted more one-on-one interviews, thorough recaps, locker room celebration, or postgame opinion and analysis, well, we’d have to switch to ESPN or NFL Network.

Not that picking up the remote and switching channels is a daunting task, but NBC’s brushing off of the biggest sports event on the planet so we could all get a taste of The Voice shows you where their priorities sit: on the couch next to the viewer, not the fan.

What’s more, the network’s window for postgame coverage was slotted from 10-10:30 p.m., so they actually got off the air 12 minutes early! After a spectacularly-called game by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth and an otherwise spotless broadcast, could they not have given us 12 more minutes of postgame?

Even Costas seemed somewhat confused as he passed the network over to Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.

Perhaps it would be more understandable if two smaller market teams took the field in Indianapolis, but you’re looking at arguably two of the widest fan bases in all of football. To not wait for Patriots coach Bill Belichick after the game, whether he blew them off or not, only highlighted the urgency to sign off.

Hosting a Super Bowl of this magnitude – the storylines, the quarterbacks, the legacies, the cities involved – gave NBC an instant win. Too bad they fumbled the ball in the end and allowed ESPN and NFL Network to run away with the last-minute trumping.

Update: No surprise that here in NYC, WCBS-TV blew away the competition for postgame coverage. That fumble just keeps on bouncing…

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§ 150 Responses to NBC Drops The Ball With Super Bowl Postgame Coverage

  • Was it my TV or something? Were there no information boxes at the bottom of the screen – like time to play, the score, etc?

  • marty jones says:

    NBC fails again. Typical.

  • I was really disappointed in the postgame coverage by NBC considering the 6+ hours of pregame they wasted time delivering. As a GIANTS fan and and NFL fan in NJ watching NBC4NY, I was shocked that they cut off the postgame coverage without hearing from Coach Belichik, anything from the locker rooms and presentation of the MVP trophy (Eli was told he was the MVP after the Lombardi trophy was presented and they had to chase him to try to give him the keys to the car he won while he was still in uniform). In NJ I switched to the local Fox station (Fox5NY), which had postgame coverage all the way until midnight with live interviews of players and commentary. NBC will continue to lose viewers until somebody at the top understands who is watching and caters to the audience. Promoting a new show by jumping the gun and starting early will only hurt those they hoped would be interested as they likely tuned in around 10:30 when it was supposed to start and see that the show was in the middle.

  • lynda Bablin says:

    “After a spectacularly-called game by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth”, are you KIDDING ME? Getting the player running the ball back wrong, their constant referral of Snee as “son-in-law” and other puke invoking comments, that is hardly what I call “spectacular”. It is actually NAUSEATING and inlistenable!

  • Randy Meier says:

    I know it’s probably being used as a simple toss-away phrase, but by no stretch of the imagination is the American Football NFL Super Bowl “the biggest sports event on the planet,” especially in a year of big real football tournaments.

    • Jude says:

      Are you talking about the foot fairies playing soccer?

      • fail says:

        i think he is referring to soccer, by far the largest sport in the world. and saying foot fairies shows your insecurity. hardly a bunch of fairies considering a match in egypt resulted in 70+ murders afterwards. you fail

      • Xavier says:

        To “fail”:
        Appropriate name, BTW. So, you’re saying because 70+ people were murdered at a soccer match, that makes it a tougher sport? WOW. Perhaps change your next post handle to “insane”.

      • Anonymous says:

        The World Cup 2010 final drew (depending on where you get your statistics) somewhere between 400 million and 620 million viewers based on watching at least 20 minutes of the match. It was available to nations covering about 3.2 billion people. The Super Bowl, on the other hand, draws about 100 million viewers worldwide and is broadcast to nations covering a total of about a billion people.

        Make fun of it all you want, but the World Cup has an audience several times larger than the Super Bowl.

      • Xavier says:

        Well, that’s one thing I like about soccer/the “real football” — whomever wins truly is a world champion.

      • Doug says:

        I think he means Eyetallians that ‘play’ soccer. All they’re missing is melodramtic opera music from Puccini.

    • lsbrewSBrew says:

      Your footballers have tremendous difficulty getting a 8.5 in diameter ball into a 192 sq ft net. Sometimes during a 90 min game 2 teams may actually never achieve this simple meaningless task. So they, get this, let one team kick at the ball while the other team lines up shoulder and tries to stop the ball… again just to get a 8.5 in diameter ball into a 192 sq ft net. And they repeat this simple meaningless task until someone actually wins and some team called crowned king of the world.

    • peter ruggles says:

      go back to france.

      • WDDB says:

        Seriously stupid Republican post, yours is.

        BTW, do you even know ANY U.S. history? Like how without aid from France there would’ve been no U.S.?

      • Doug says:

        and serveal times since without the USA there’d be no France or no Europe period. And if we’d stop spoon feeding people unable to feed themselves for the past 50 years the population of Africa would be substantially lower as well.

      • Doug says:

        plus we wouldn’t have the commie in the white house as his dad would still be in a grass hut somewhere

    • Diogenes says:

      Silly soccer fans. My 12 year niece plays soccer…and she’s such a sweet gentle girl. Like all soccer players. But, for real FOOTBALL, you gotta come to America in the fall. Just because 400 million people watch, that doesn;t make soccer a real sport. The Supeer Bowl is the only really meaningful sporting event on the planet.

      • WDDB says:

        So any sport a girl plays is not for Real Men?

        Such as basketball, tennis, golf, skiing, swimming, speed-skating, weight-lifting, track and field, etc., etc.,?

        And if you are, in your childish way, attempting to call Pele, Maradona, or BECKHAM sissies, well, you’re just jealous.

        Maybe you played football and got a few too many concussions.

    • Joeusa says:

      Soccer SUCKS!
      “Run!, Kick! Run some more!
      Ohhh!… 1 to nothing!!!!”

      • Hakim says:

        Wasn’t that Maradona singing and showing a little leg during the halftime show of the GREATEST SPORTING EVENT ON THE PLANET??

    • Doug says:

      Yeah please give me more Italian soccer players writhing in pain only to jump up later and run around with their arms raised running in circles like little children. Pfffsst.
      My nephew (who’s European) told me, “only little men play soccer” the bigger men play basketball and other sports”. Nuff said. World cup riggggghhhhttt.

      • Doug says:

        @ WDDB above…..girls don’t play soccer in Europe like they do here. (‘They haven’t been dykified yet).

        RE: Beckham et al…..metrosexuals at best.

    • Alex says:

      Oh you mean those great low-scoring games. What was the final score 1-0?

      Those Soccor riots make sense to me. They sit there for hours for one goal. I’d set something off, too.

      “Passes to left, passes to center. Center holds it. Holds it! HOLDS IT!”

      • Doug says:

        Alex has it right…..plus you can always go to Eygpt for a really exciting postgame wrap up and get shot. That’s the spirit!!!

  • SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Incredible game but hopefully the “donkey jizz” network will simply collapse and go under and take their purely evil parent company and corp welfare sow GE with them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well Steve, I guess that extra 12 minutes could really help if your a man who needs another man to tell you what you just watched for 2 hours.

  • MTB says:

    NBC sucks…period!

  • Garr Obo says:

    Being a mid-westerner, who really gives a ****?

  • jason morse says:

    Well Steve-O I guess that extra 12 minutes could really help if your a man who needs another man to tell you what you just saw for 2 hours.

  • bob says:

    follow the money

  • Geoff says:

    I know the focus here is on the fan side of things – but NBC also failed The Voice viewers who programmed their DVR’s to record the show at its scheduled time only to miss the first 12 minutes of the show. Its really no surprise NBC has fallen to fourth place and continues to trend down.

    • JohnF says:

      You mean the idiots who couldn’t figure out that a major sports event was programmed before it, that it was unlikely their show would start on time, and were too ignorant or lazy to set it up to record more than what they needed?? Those idiots??

      Who cares…..

      I turned the channel as soon as it was over to watch something far more interesting than The Voice in ‘real time’ anyway .. reruns of Big Bang theory…..

      • tedzilla99 says:

        You are the idiot. Sports programs are scheduled for a block of time, if the game runs over, programs are moved up accordingly and so set the DVR for extra time. If the game runs under, there’s usually more time with the hosts/announcers or cutaways to other games. Programming is never started early. Not that I care about the voice, because I don’t, but NBC screwed people who might have been at a SB party and wanted to watch that show later or today or whatever.

    • David says:

      Another singing show, just what America needs. Obviously Zero voters.

  • AlexU says:

    Poor babies. Just could take being cut off from their vicarious lives.

  • Drew Janssen says:

    I must have been listening to the fake Al and Chris, because they were as bad as they have ever been. I think Collinsworth might have had $ on the Giants the way he gushed about Eli and his receivers. Get the game back to Fox – even Joe Buck is better than these clowns.

    • marty jones says:

      No one’s worse than Joe Buck.

      John Gruden is best commentator.

      • No, your wrong, there is absolutely no one worse than Tony Kornheiser. I used to have to turn the volume off when he was on MNF, but still was forced to watch his 8 strand comb-over.

      • Bilbo says:

        Tony K was the worst ever.

      • Dread Loucks says:

        Max Kellerman is worse (HBO Boxing)

      • DanInGa says:

        Jon Gruden? Are you kidding me. Mr. Know It All, who overanalyzes every playy and second guesses everything that happens onthe field – which anyone can do after the fact. That’s the only reason I was glad the game wasn’t on ESPN. He was bad enough doing pro games – then they let him do at least one bowl game! Plus….his interviews are lousy. A good coach?. Yes! He needs to go back.

      • Bisky says:

        Oh c’mon Gruden sounds semi-retarded (mentally challenged, sorry). Poor Joe Buck, he is definitely in a no-win situation by having to call a (baseball) game with the king of failure in Tim McCarver. If you watch him do a (football) game with Troy Aikman he’s not nearly as bad.

        And Collinsworth is absolute crap.

    • BigJohn says:

      I think Madden and Brookshire could have done a better job….

  • jim@gmail.com says:

    @jason morse:


  • pjd says:

    The “Puppy Bowl” did not have anyone telling us what we just watched either. That game was very enjoyable and there was only one personal “accident”. No need to go on and on about it. There was napping on the field because those little guys get tired romping around. Hope there are reruns so those who wasted time watching Halloween-costumed, non-singer Madonna doing her gym exercises can have real enjoyment.

  • Andrew Brown says:

    You act as if people who watch the game are actually football fans. I’m pretty sure NBC knows their audience far better than you and catered to their exact demands, i.e. more entertainment.

  • They spent more time interviewing the Kenyan Occupier of 1600 before the game, than on post-game coverage.

  • Mike says:

    I was thinking the same. NBC did a horrible job of post game coverage. It’s NBC though. They’re a bad network. They’ve spent the last 5 years coming up with racist slogans, trying to take “God” out of everything, and promoting a far-left agenda.

    You really shouldn’t get your expectations up for NBC. They’ve sucked pretty bad for many years. The Cheers, Cosby Show, Friends days of NBC are long gone. The National Broadcasting Communists will be bad for years to come.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Last FIVE years? It goes back to when Huntley-Brinkley ended in 1970. Amazing that the network that once dominated Thursday nights for a decade 20 years ago is now wanking donkeys and hoping somebody will watch some clueless idiots drink it while their ratings get stomped stupid by the Public Access channel’s 3am Sunday slot.

      • Bootch says:

        Huntley and Brinkley weren’t all that great either, if you want to go back even further. I remember the NBC telecast of the 1960 Democratic Convention. The supposedly very objective Huntley and Brinkley did their best imitation of Chris Matthews as they sat there gushing over the Democrats’ own pretty-boy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. “He’s been criticized for being somewhat immature,” one of them said. “But WOW, he IS mature.” Mature enough, it turns out, to start bedding his 19-year-olf intern in HIS WIFE’S bed. Yeah, those two were the epitome of objective journalists.


  • FoolKiller says:

    These are the same people who think Brian Williams and Chuck Todd (tweedle dee and tweedle dum) provide objective unbiased reporting. Why should they be right about anything else?

    • SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Anybody who can’t figure out Brian Williams’ political leanings owes it to him/herself and others to stop voting and Chuck Todd’s leanings are about as subtle as a caricature of Pol Pot’s.

  • Wade says:

    Al & Chris Sucked… there were no graphic during half time to give us a clue who some of the SURPRISE SINGERS WHERE… they musta been a surprise to NBC too!!! Too bad they did not have a REAL music act instead of one who danced & lipsynced & pranced around the entire time… The guy on the tight rope had the most talent of any one you could really hear on the stage!! Dumping 15 minutes early after 6 hours of BS pregame REALLY SUCKED TOO!!!

    Andrew Brown— REALLY??? If they really knew their audience you’d think they would not be in 4th place!!!?!?!

  • Fbastiat says:

    You would think that NBC Sports would have directed viewers to their cable outlet recently rebadged NBC SPORTS NETWORK, but that would make sense. When your in 4th place amongst TV networks and an idiot like GE’s Jeff Immelt and monopolist Comcast are running the show that is what you get and that is where they will stay.

  • PapaUmMaoMao says:

    No surprise here. NBC… the network that gave us the infamous “Heidi Game” (all you young’uns might have to Google that…), so what would you expect, Mr. Fink?

    • dick says:

      Heidi Game – hilarious and it was NBC as well. I couldn’t believe how quickly they hurried through the game – the first half was over in just over an hour

  • Joseph says:

    I would have preferred that the network postgame run until 11 P.M. EST, then (in the Eastern and Central time zones) local news right at 11, with local stations being encourages by the networks to have their usual weeknight anchor teams (instead of their usual weekend anchor teams) on as to promote those local newscasts.

  • rustin says:

    Al Michaels is the best announcer of all time.

    • GozieBoy says:

      He did a wonderful job. The next generation of announcers, well, there IS NO next generation of announcers, which is why we still have Michalels and Costas, etal, and they would kill for Madden if he was still interested!

  • d_red1 says:

    Lets not forget about the 4hour pregame. Nothing but movie advertisements, NBC sitcom cross-promotions, and feel good stories. Hardly a mention or highlight of the 45 super bowl before this one with exception of the first meeting between the Giants and Pats. Is it to much to ask for to have a show about football and it’s history before the championship game? And the interview with the President? Really? Can’t we keep politics out it for once and enjoy the game? Epic fail for NBC.

    • Don’t you know The Messiah truly believes the American people want to hear another campaign speech from him before the Super Bowl?

      • BigBoa says:

        O’Bozo doesn’t care what America wants. HE wants to hear HIMSELF give another lecture……

        AH HAHAHA!!!

        They have him on before every SB now, don’t they? Sure seems like it. What did they Bush on? Once or twice? And then only to try and put him on the spot,,,,,,

  • David says:

    The first Super Bowl I remember was 7, Cowboys and Dolphins. There was one hour of pregame a traditional half time show and post game interviews. Of course the star of the show was the game itself just as it should be. Now a days between the marathon pregame hype fest, obsession over the best commercials and of course the halftime monstrosity the game itself is almost an afterthought.

    • PapaUmMaoMao says:

      Actually, Dave, ‘Boyz & Fins was SB VI… a great game for Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach and a moody dude named Duane Thomas… a truly miserable game for Bob Griese. SB VII was the Fins pinnacle game against the Skins… Fins’ victory capped-off their remarkable “perfect” season, which as we all know still stands today!

  • NBC is a terrible sports network. Bob Costas is okay, but the network itself is bad. Stupid, stupid move.

  • This is not NBC’s fault, but was that half time show Lady Gaga’s grandmother or Spartacus’ Domina? http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/02/giants-win-superbowl-congratulations.html

  • Steinmann says:

    NFL should say to NBC: “No football for you!”

  • Raistlin4 says:

    The game itself was a commercial for “The Voice.” Blake Shelton and his wife sing “America” then Cee Lo pops up in the halftime show? C’mon, NBC, have a little self respect and stop whoring yourself all over the place. As if donkey semen sipping wasn’t enough for you.

    NBC stands for “Now, Barack Coddling……….Next Bovine Cum!”

  • Lyn Skinners says:

    “After a spectacularly-called game by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth…” Seriously, Collinsworth is a total hack. For instance, check his statement after New England ran their second play, that’s right, their SECOND play! Collinsworth said he had never seen the New England offense so “flat.” WYF! Hey Collinsworth-less, how about waiting for at least a dozen plays or so to make that call. Idiot!

  • Leslie says:

    Why do we think this is the greatest sports event on the planet? World cup soccer and cricket have literally ten times the viewers. Wise up,it’s just a local US phenomenon.

    • Cash says:

      Maybe because our fans aren’t insane, and don’t kill one another and rival team players on a regular basis?

    • Doug says:

      cricket ? soccer? with wider viewship? …..can you say lack of birth control and nothing better to do than lay around accepting foreign aid, and banging on the woman next door for sport. That’s why they have more ‘viewers’.

    • Occupy This says:

      Leslie, there’s no fooling you. When the broadcasts for soccer, cricket, croquet or whatever convince the world’s advertisers to pay $4 million for just 30 seconds of air space, come back and lecture the rest of us at that time, sweetie.

    • GozieBoy says:

      Test cricket goes on for endless hours a day for five straight days, and then oftentimes ends in a draw. Yeah, THAT’S some real excitement for you…

  • Cash says:

    Awww… you mean some folks had to change the channel for their incessant post-game chatterbox analysis? Boo freakin’ hoo. This really needed an article?

  • Anonymous says:

    Widest fan bases in all of football? Hardly…try the packers for one

  • Doug says:

    Hope it goes to Fox!

  • corry says:

    it seems to happen to nascar races more often than any football game i have seen. it just happens some times, it is pretty funny to see it happen this time to the nfl.

  • y. kiyay says:

    Haha. Geeking out on the post-game of this regional rivalry was best left for the cable networks, bud. NBC made the right call. It wasn’t like it was the season MVP leading the Pack out there. ;-) Great game and all but you know what? My wife actually was more interested in the singing show and I didn’t care. I quit watching after the football ended.

  • Old Dave says:

    With far-left liberals running the old networks today it is not hard to understand their motives. They believe all competition is bad, everybody should be equal and we are all winners. There are no loosers in their minds so why waste time celebrating a winner? They have pretty much destroyed The Golf Channel so why not pro football.

    • Bootch says:

      I believe it’s more like they think we’re all losers, not winners. That is why, in their minds, we all need their powerful and wise selves to lead us through every aspect of our lives, telling us what to eat, how to travel, how much we can earn, whether we deserve medical treatment for a particular ailment, and how much we need to fork over at tax time.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve always had a problem with Chris Collinsworth’s use of the word ‘contain’ as a noun, i.e. “The line lost contain allowing the quarterback to be sacked.” He started doing this years ago and now even coaches and players are using it this way. Hey Cris, ‘contain’ is still a verb. ‘Containment’ or ‘container’ would be the noun forms.

  • Anonymous says:

    Atleast we didn’t have to listen to Joe Buck, but I think collinsworth smokes a pack of cigarettes before going on air.

  • BigJohn says:

    Only half-decent bright spot was Faith Hill opening….YOWZA!

  • boriskrunch says:

    Oh please. This blogger should get a life. He WORKS for CBS!!! Of course he is going to be critical of the NBC broadcast! And now this tiny little blog is featured on the Drudge Report? Get ready to see all the unrelated ways that Obama was to blame for the postgame show. Err, wait…the GOP is angry with Clint Eastwood today, right?

  • Brian. says:

    NBC. Nuthin’ But Crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe people are complaining about the post game coverage not being long enough. They had already talked for 5 hours before kickoff. The giants won and the Patriots lost what else is there to know.

  • Occupy This says:

    Leave it to woeful NBC not to even realize when it’s holding programming gold. Be assured, the NFL Channel and ESPN are doing their own TD dances today with the post game ratings bonanza gifted to them.

    What a pie-in-the-face humiliation for Costas to get the bum’s rush for glorified karaoke singers. No wonder he looked so flustered at the end.

  • Obama Owns MSNBC says:

    NBC is racist. They didn’t want to broadcast a bunch of young black males speaking black grammar.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long while. NBC knows at EXACTLY what time to switch programs to maximize its audience. You knuckleheads have no clue what you’re talking about. The longer they stay with the post-game show, the more viewers fall away. The quicker they go to the Voice, the more viewers they have watching that show. Duh. NBC isn’t in the football business, it’s in the TELEVISION business. Get a life.

  • Doug says:

    wishful thinking ebonics blended with eugenics…intelligent sports figures!

  • Mike Gilmer says:

    Why is anybody surprised? Everybody should know that super liberals like those at NBC/MSNBC hate sports like football anyway because they actually keep score and have winners and losers. Liberals hate that.

  • Michelle Antoinette says:

    NBC = Comcast. Is anybody surprised that their heads are firmly tucked into their asses?

  • GozieBoy says:

    Al and Chris did do a superb job of announcing, and I was highly impressed throughout their broadcast. For example, they nailed the safety with a great explanation immediately after it happened, which had to come at a total surprise for them as it was to the refs (who I also thought had a spotless game).
    Highly enjoyable except for the mini post game. I loved the part where Dan Patrick kept trying to give Eli the new Stingray, and Eli walked away with total indifference. “Hey, Eli, take these keys and drive safe. Eli, come back here!” Major Patrick fail – Chevy execs had to be steaming at that one.

  • Anonymous says:

    NBC – Nothing But Commies
    NBC – No Balls Coverage

  • Anonymous says:

    the lingerie bowl was great, those chicks play hard on astro turf in there underwear. thats toughness!

  • Anonymous says:

    N.ational B.arack C.hannel .. and they can’t understand why they’re at the bottom of the ratings?! Aside from being the p-Resident’s biggest cheerleader, their “top tier” programming routinely loses to A&E, Discovery, and QVC. This is the network that has fallen from Johnny Carson in late night, to the never-funny and childish Jimmy Fallen.

  • Doug says:

    I found that many of the pregame commercials and many of the commercials during the game were not family appropriate. Lots of material i did not want my 5-year old to see. Our solution? We turned off the game.

  • GozieBoy says:

    Patrick Classic: “Eli, Eli! Come back here and get your cars keys! Where’s Eli? Drive safe! ELI!”

  • Don Rhudy says:

    Hey, NBC = Nazi Broadcasting Company. You vill vatch vat I tell you to vatch! Not vat you vant.

  • Neal Baker says:

    Just put the Super Bowl on the NFL Network PERIOD!!!

  • STONE DOME says:

    didn’t watch anything but the game…didn’t even watch the washed up half time performance. game was great…then on to netflix. geeeee men

  • […] today you can read many loud complaints about the short postgame and NBC's failure to capitalize on the Boston and New York […]

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